Kostas Moschos

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Biographical note

Born in Athens, he studied musical theory and composition in Athens, electronic music, computer music, programming and music technology, musicology, music phenomenology and conducting in Paris (France) and Cologne (Germany). He followed also several seminars with Iannis Xenakis, Pierre Boulez, Steve Reich, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Sergiu Celibidache.

He worked on several studios and research centres like the Electronic Music Studio of Music Academy in Cologne the ICEM in Essen and STEIM in Holland. He taught music and technology in Cologne, Essen, Basel and Athens. He lives in Athens where he is co-founder and director of the Institute for Research on Music & Acoustics (IEMA) - Greek Music Information Centre.

The activities of K. Moschos spread in several musical domains.
As composer he has composed 65 pieces in several forms including music for the theatre, cinema, dance and music installations mostly with the aid of the capabilities of digital technology. He is a pioneer of computer music in Greece starting using the computers in music from 1978. The way he uses the computers in music is creating new sounds and generating musical material and structures based on algorithms and mathematical formulas but also programming real-time interactive translation systems of graphics and movement to music.

As a researcher apart the creative and computer music researches, he was involved on many other research projects (e.g The reconstruction of Ancient Hydraulic Organ, Automated Systems of Music Coding and Retrieval, The Acoustics of Open Theatres, Distance Learning of Music, Digitization of Music, Digital Music Archives). He was also co-ordinator of the 3 years EU project MINSTREL (MusIc Network Supporting Trans-national exchange and dissemination of music Resources at European Level).

As educator he was involved in several music educational projects, like in the frame of the national project “MELINA-Education and Culture” where he has developed an innovative way of approach to music for the schools and compiled books and CD-ROMs for the public schools. He was also collaborator of Minstry of Education where he was involved in severa activities like the new curriculum for music in the schools, “Music Anthologies” for the Primary and Secondary Education, the “Digital School” project, the “Main Training Project for School Educators”. He taught music education and computer music in several seminars, schools and universities as well as “Music and Image” at the High School of Fine Arts.

He is member of the Hellenic Composers Union, the Electroacoustic Music Association (ESSIM-HELMCA ), treasurer and ex. president of International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC), ex board member of the European Music Council - EMC, General secretary of the Athens Museums Network. He is nominated expert of UNESCO for the Cultural Diversity.