Thodoros Abazis

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Biographical note

He was born in Athens in 1967. Ηe attended some courses of Music Theory and Piano at the National Conservatory and at the N. Skalkotas Conservatory. He studied Composition with Henk Alkema and Orchestra Conducting with David Porcelyn and Kenneth Montgomery at the Musical Academy of Utrecht. He also collaborated with the Theatre Academy of Utrecht participating in musical-theatrical productions and seminars. He received a scholarship by the "A. Onassis Foundation" and in 1993 he completed his studies in Composition with Professor Tristan Keuris. From 1993 to 1995 he studied Composition with professor Dimitris Terzakis at the Musical Academy of Bern.

Other activities: in 1992 he took part at the Contemporary Music Seminar at Darmstadt, Germany. In 1993 he received a scholarship by International Dance Trust, and he participated in the International Seminar for Professional Composers and Choreographers. He has also taken part at the International Conference for Libreto (Amsterdam, 1996), at the Conference for Musical Theatre (Volos, 1998) and at the European Directors' and Theatre Professionals' Meeting (Salonica, 2002).

In 1991 he represented Greece at the Organ Festival of countries members of European Union, with his work Tama (Offering). In 1992 his musical drama Medea wasawarded by the Municipality of Utrecht. In 1996 he participated in the Programme of Musical Exhibitions of Copenhagen, Cultural Capital of Europe. He presented there his composition Agnus Dei. In the year 2000 he represented Greece at the Torino Biennale, where a presentation of his work took place. In December of 2001 he participated in the european programme of Rising Stars presenting his composition "Euro" for Clarinet and Piano - a production of the European Concert Halls Organisation.

In 1997 Thodoris Abazis and director Philip Curtis founded the Music Theatre Group Amsterdam. Its aim is to product works of musical Theatre. Among the works which where produced by this Group were: The Sofa, and: Rainbow for Rimbaud. Music was written by Thodoris Abazis who also directed them. The musical-theatrical comedy The Sofa was subsidized by the European Program "Kaleidoscope". In the autumn of 2000 the composer and the actresses J. Daliani, M. Kallimani and D. Saridaki founded a Group of Musical Theatre, which was named OPERA. This group's first production was presented in May of 2001. The second was produced in October of 2002-the composer wrote the music for it and directed it.

His works have been presented at many European cities by several musical groups. He has collaborated with choreographers, directors, poets and conjectural artists. He has taught at many seminars of musical theatre in Holland, England, Denmark, Italy and Greece. From September of 2001 he has been teaching "Music in Theatre", at the Acting and Directing Workshop of National Theatre.