Panagiotis Kokoras

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Biographical note

Panayiotis Kokoras was born in 1974. He began his musical training in 1985 at Municipal Conservatory of Katerini. He continued and completed his studies in theory of music and composition, as well as, in Classical Guitar, in Athens. At the same time he attended a two years course in electroacoustic music with Henry Kergomard. Afterwards, he completed his MA in composition at the University of York in United Kingdom.

He has participated in various composition workshops and worked in studios as Composer in Residence [M&R, IRCAM, AvantGarde]. His works have been performed and broadcast in Europe, Asia and America. He has received several Scholarships, Grants and Awards such as AHRB, Vinson, Al. Trianti (Society Friends of Music), Propontis Foundation and Hellenic Foundation of Culture.

His compositional output ranges from acoustic works to mixed media and tape one, and gains recognition by competitions such as, “The Second Seoul International Competition for Composers 2003”, “Computer Aided Composition Competition” 2002 [Higher Distinction], “Ensemble Eleven” 2002 [Finalist], “Toru Takemitsu Composition Award” 2002 [2nd Prize], “Noroit Prize 2002” [2nd Prize], “Musica Viva” 2002 [Prize Winner], “Musica Nova” 2001 [Finalist], “VI CIMESP” 2002 [Honorable Mention], “Luigi Russolo” 2001 & 2002 [Finalist], “Metamorphoses” 2000 [2nd Prize].

His music published from Tokyo Opera City Publications, NOR, and Miso Musica. Finally, he is currently completing his PhD in composition at The University of York with Dr. Tony Myatt.