Thodoros Abazis

List of composers

Chronological catalogue of works


  • Limits, for flute, oboe and viola (First performance Utrecht-February-1990)
  • Unbearable Attraction, for wind ensemble (First performance Utrecht -May 1990)


  • Oracles, for string quartet, wind quartet, piano, harp, percussion (First performanceUtrecht-February 1991)
  • Quasi improvvisazione, for solo clarinet (First performance Utrecht-May-1991)
  • Medea- musical theatre, for a soprano, clarinet, 2 narrators, percussion and taped music (First performance -Utrecht-May-1991)
  • Les maux d'amer-musical theatre, for a soprano (First performance -Utrecht-May-1991)
  • 3 songs on Dylan Thomas, for a soprano, viola and piano (First performance -Utrecht-May-1991)


  • Tama (Offering), for Organ (Request of the European Organ Festival- First performance -Utrecht-July 1992)
  • Attractive moralities, for wind ensemble, piano, double bass (Request of Utrechts Blazers Ensemble, First performance -Utrecht-October 1992)


  • Errance, for a soprano and a piano (First performance -Utrecht-May 1993)
  • String quartet, (First performance -Utrecht-May 1993-Arion quartet)
  • Leuguns, for two fifes, clarinet, viola and piano ( Request of the Dutch Fife Festival, First performance -Utrecht-May 1993)


  • Psalms, for solo cello (First performance-Bern-April 1994)
  • Aquarel, for fife ensemble, SATB ( Request of the Dutch Fife Festival, First performance -Utrecht-May 1994)
  • Anathema (Damning)-music for dancing, for electronic flute and voice (Request of the Stuttgart Ballet, choreography Roberto de Oliveira, First performance-Stuttgart-December 1994)


  • Helen, music for dancing for cello (Request of Marc Bruce Dance Company, choreography, choreography Marc Bruce, First performance-London-May 1995)


  • Erotic, for a narrator and mixed chorus (Request of Koor Nieuwe Muziek, First performance-Amsterdam-December 1996)
  • Agnus Dei, Communio, Libera me, for mixed chorus (Request of Copenhagen, Cultural Capital of 1996, First performance-Copenhagen-September 1996)
  • Orfeus-music for dancing, for a symphonic orchestra (Request of the Stuttgart Ballet, choreography Roberto de Oliveira, First performance-Stuttgart-April 1996)


  • Pas de deux, for an alto saxophone and a guitar (6'30) (Request of Duo Cuipers-Malo, First performance-Barcelona-January 1997)
  • Kavafis-musical theatre, for a narrator and a musical ensemble (Request of BASHO musical ensemble, First performance-Chroningen-March 1997)
  • Algos (Suffering) for a violin and orchestra (First performance-Amsterdam-September 1997-Orchestra of Amsterdam Opera)
  • Gertrude-music for the theatre (director: Nikaeti Kontouris, Theatre of Kefallinias street, October 1997)


  • The Sofa-musical theatre, for a soprano, tenor, baritone and a musical ensemble (Request of Music Theatre Group Amsterdam, First performance-Amsterdam-September 1998)
  • Before departure- music for the theatre (director: Stathis Livathinos, Theatre of Kefallinias street, October 1998)
  • Fire on the face- music for the theatre (director:Eleftheria Sapountzi, Theatre of Kefallinias street, May 1998)
  • Don Juan is returning from war- music for the theatre (director:Dimitris Katalifos, Embros theatre, November 1998)


  • Rainbow for Rimbaud-musical theatre, for a tenor, a soprano and a musical ensemble (Request of BASHO musical ensemble, First performance -Amsterdam-February 1999)
  • Powers of the number 10-music for the poetic video of Alexis Stamatis


  • Johnnie BUY -musical theatre, for four fifes (Request of the BRISK musical ensemble, First performance Amsterdam-April 2000)
  • The Apology of Socrates-musical theatre, for a baritone, 3 tenors, a soprano and a musical ensemble (Request of the Athens Concert Hall, director:Victor Arditis, First performance-Athens-January 2000)
  • Regmina-music for dancing, for electronic music, flute, oboe, voice, double bass, cello and marimba (Request of the Athens Concert Hall, choreography: Mary Tsouti, First performance-Athens-April 2000)
  • A walk at the Underworld-musical theatre, for a soprano, a chorus of children and orchestra (Request of the Orchestra of Colors, First performance-Athens-October 2000)
  • Colorings, for a symphonic orchestra (Request of the European Centre of Occupational Orientation, First performance-Salonica-November 2000-National Symphonic Orchestra of Salonica)
  • Wrong century-music for the cinema (director: Stergios Niziris)
  • The romantic men,music for the theatre (director: Stathis Livathinos, Municipal Theatre of Patra, December 2000)


  • One movement, for string quintet ( Request of Nikos Skalkotas musical ensemble, First performance -Athens-April 2001)
  • Monomania, for a violin and a piano (Request of Narkisos musical ensemble-First performance-Athens-April 2001)
  • Tabasco, for a bassoon, a cello and a piano (Request of Palmos (Vibration) musical ensemble, First performance-May 2001)
  • The pundit women, for 10 actors, flute, bassoon, and cembalo (Request of OPERA musical theatre group, First performance Athens-May 2001)
  • Euro, for a clarinet and a piano (Request of European Concert Halls Organisation-First performance-Athens-December 2001-Athens Concert Hall)
  • A thief or the reality-music for the theatre (director:Antouaneta Aggelidi)


  • The infertile struggle for love, (director: Stathis Livathinos, Experimental Scene of the National Theatre, April 2002)
  • September, for a soprano saxophone (First performance-Salonica-May 2002)
  • PH, for the piano (Request of the Artery musical theatre group, First performance- Amsterdam-October 2002)
  • Look at me, for 8 actors, electrical bass, electrical guitar, drums and synthetic sounds (Request of OPERA musical theatre group, First performance-Athens-October 2002)


  • Cirano - music for the theatre (director: Nikaeti Kontouri, Municipal Theatre of Patra, March 2003)